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High throughput, low delivery latency, best price-quality ratio

Reliable Bulk messaging service with high availability

The Best Bulk SMS Transit Service for Wholesale Customers

HORISEN is the most reliable partner for your Bulk SMS Wholesale business.

HORISEN Wholesale SMS service is a superior Bulk SMS transit service for wholesale text messaging customers. It is delivered through our SMS Platform featuring 5,000 messages/second throughput capacity, low delivery latency, and 99.99% availability. The SMS platform is highly secure, scalable, and extensible with custom features. Its built-in redundancy and load balancing functionality assure 99.99% availability of the service.

HORISEN Bulk SMS Wholesale is an ideal fit for:

  • Carriers
  • Mobile Operators
  • Aggregators
  • ISP’s

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The technology behind Bulk SMS Wholesale

How «nGage» works

How HORISEN Bulk SMS Wholesale works? It is a very efficient process that starts with SMS integration into your business. Large quantities of SMS are sent from customers’ application via API to HORISEN Gateway which delivers this messaging traffic to mobile operators. In the end, mobile operators send SMS to the recipients, defined at the beginning by the sender.

HORISEN Bulk SMS has a broad range of features

Global Coverage

Worldwide SMS delivery capable of supporting very large message volumes. >100 direct routes worldwide.

Routing System

Sophisticated testing engine, which continuously measures delivery time, quality and supported features for all of the available routes.

High Throughput

The throughput of min. 20 SMS/second per customer (can be increased on request).

Character sets

Support for all character sets: GSM 03.38, 16 Bit Unicode (Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic).

MNP Support

Number portability support to maximize delivery by using only correct messaging routes.


Delivery report (DLR) with rich status codes.

Other features

  • SMS with up to 800 characters
  • Alphanumeric sender IDs supported (where allowed)
  • Support of Binary SMS, like WAP Push, vCard, etc.
  • High termination speed: quick-delivery of SMS to large groups of recipients
  • Priority queuing for time critical traffic
  • Extremely low delivery latency
  • Payment terms: Depending on price plan: postpaid or prepaid purchase of SMS credits
  • Anti-Spam System
  • SMS connection by standard interfaces: SMPP, SMPP over SSL, http, https
  • Connection over public Internet or VPN
  • Fast and competent support: 24/7 availability of our professional support team
  • Redundant and robust SMS platform: very high availability (99.99%)
  • Reliable SMS platform: billions of messages sent in the last years with our SMS service

Did you know?

HORISEN Bulk SMS is delivered through SMS Platform built exclusively for Wholesale.

Did you know

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